Biankini In Siesta- Dead Sea stars hotel

Address: Israel
Holiday Village
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Biankini in Siesta Holiday Village is located just 25 minutes drive away from Jerusalem, is a wide dimensions outdoor park, unusual tourist attraction between desert and sea, an area of 20 hectares magical atmosphere of a Moroccan palace and luxurious.
Biankini in Siesta offers accommodation in Holiday Village Luxury, pampering and Royal suites style!
Biankini Beach invites you to come and discover the atmosphere of the Dead Sea shores of Sinai.
Biankini in Siesta offers manicured lawns and a pool for adults and children and a petting zoo for children.


Biankini in Siesta's zimmers are all manicured, built of wood and located right on the beach.
Our cabins fully equipped and allow a place to relax and indulge in a warm and homely atmosphere. Each guest house has a private wide balcony and privacy is relaxation. We invite you to watch the breathtaking desert landscape all across.


Biankini in Siesta Holiday Village is located in the northern part of the Dead Sea. The hotel is about 10 minutes drive from Junction Coral and near Kibbutz Kalia. Located on a strip of beach.
Before the entrance to Jerusalem, turn left toward Maale Adumim - the Dead Sea through the French Hill junction and enter Route 1 to the Dead Sea at a gas station at the end of the road Lido, turn right to Highway 90 after about 400 meters Turn left at the beach - Biankini in Siesta is located on the beach. 25 minutes from Jerusalem and an hour and fifteen minutes from the center.

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