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Address: Ein Gedi Country Kibbutz Ein Gedi MP Dead Sea Ein Gedi, Israel
Holiday Village, Kibbutz Hotel
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"We had a great time! The rooms are "fine" if you have never been to Israel, expect a glorified ..."
Lisa , United States
24 July 2015
Alison, United States
29 January 2015

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  • Rating 3/5Hotel (overall)
  • Rating 3/5Food
  • Rating 4/5Public areas (Pool, Lobby, Bar)
  • Rating 5/5Cleanliness/Hygiene
  • Rating 4/5Room comfort
  • Rating 4/5Atmosphere and design
  • Rating 4/5Bathroom
  • Rating 2/5Service
  • Rating 5/5Location
  • Rating 3/5Value for money

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  • Rating 3/5Traveling alone
  • Rating 4/5Families with young children
  • Rating 4/5Families with older children
  • Rating 3/5Romantic vacation
  • Rating 4/5Seniors
  • Rating 3/5Business
  • Rating 5/5With friends

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Kibbutz vacation

Posted by Lynn

The setting is really beautiful, access to the Ein Gedi area is close and wonderful for hiking. Our room was clean and comfortable, the cafe style food was good. However, my first impression, which we all know is very important, was not so wonderful. A man sitting behind the counter told me to sit over there and wait 1/2 hour until my room was ready. I asked if he could tell me how it worked as this is my first time here, he said things would be explained when I got my key. After 45 minutes of sitting INSIDE on a beautiful day, I asked the man again if he could tell me if my room was ready- he snapped at me that he does not know and that the woman would check in 10 minutes. I did ask him if they would call my name or if I would need to approach the counter again, he abruptly told me he does not have a PA system, that I would need to check, which was fine as I was sitting 15 feet from the counter!! After a little over an hour, when I approached the counter to check again, he was gone from the desk and a woman was there, she did just hand over my key, when I asked her how this worked as it was my first time here, she was under the impression that I had already been told, perhaps by the gentleman sitting there? At any rate it did turn out fine, but trying to get information when I arrived at 13:45 was not good. I also would have loved to go outside or sit by the pool instead of sitting inside the reception area, but I was told to sit over there! So anyone going there, go early and use the facilities, as I did see a family getting their things from the closet in the area! They might have been told by someone that this is an option.

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Ein Gedi hotel dead sea responds:

Hi Lynn Im glad you enjoyed your stay with us. Our check-in time is until 3pm and check-out is at 11am. I applogize for the mis-information you received.While waiting for rooms to be ready many of our guests go to the pool or spa and when they return the rooms are ready and the key is given to our guests.There have been many Managerial changes since your visit Im sure you'll find that our service standards have risen. Truly Ilan Sonderling-Guest Relations Manager