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Address: Ein Gedi Country Kibbutz Ein Gedi MP Dead Sea Ein Gedi, Israel
Holiday Village, Kibbutz Hotel
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"We had a great time! The rooms are "fine" if you have never been to Israel, expect a glorified ..."
Lisa , United States
24 July 2015
Alison, United States
29 January 2015

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  • Rating 3/5Hotel (overall)
  • Rating 5/5Food
  • Rating 4/5Public areas (Pool, Lobby, Bar)
  • Rating 4/5Cleanliness/Hygiene
  • Rating 5/5Room comfort
  • Rating 5/5Atmosphere and design
  • Rating 3/5Bathroom
  • Rating 4/5Service
  • Rating 5/5Location
  • Rating 3/5Value for money

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  • Rating 4/5Traveling alone
  • Rating 5/5Families with young children
  • Rating 4/5Families with older children
  • Rating 5/5Romantic vacation
  • Rating 5/5Seniors
  • Rating 5/5Business
  • Rating 4/5With friends

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Posted by Andrew

There should be more events in the evening. Lighting up the golf course in the evening would have been great. Very disappointing with the lack of shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom. The front desk insisted it was "both soap and shampoo", yet it clearly said "Dove body wash", which is NOT shampoo! After I day of hair soaking in the dead sea and in sulfur water, I washed my hair four times with the soap and could not get the smell out. If you don't want to put shampoo in there at least put conditioner (like every hotel I've ever been in does), so that I don't ruin my hair. Maybe, if it was a cheap hotel, I'd understand, but how expensive is it for you to add 2 little bottles?

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