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Address: Kibutz Shfaim ISRAEL
Hotel, Kibbutz Hotel, Business Hotel, Convention Hotel, Country Lodging
  • עברית
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Hotel review by Paul, United States in 11 September 2012

We enjoyed our stay at the hotel. The bathroom had some unpleasant odor....

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Hotel review by aart, Netherlands in 30 June 2011

The part of the hotel were we stay, was old and have to be renovated. Friendly and very helpfully people, from deskmanagers till cleaning people. Nice area but for the same price you can stay in Europe in a 4 or 5 star Hotel....

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Pleasant stay, but internet charge access should be free to customers or cheaper.

Hotel review by Mark, United States in 22 November 2010

We had a very pleasant stay. The staff are wonderful. The hotel's only drawback is the charge for wireless internet access....

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My stay at the shefaim hotel

Hotel review by simone, Switzerland in 24 January 2010

All in all I felt very comfortable at the hotel. The facilities were simple as the room was and not that fancy. A bit old also. And I missed a gym, I could use daily and at any time. But the service at the hotel was warm and great. From the room maid up to the receptionist.People were helpful, I ...

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Hotel review by Christopher, United Kingdom in 05 December 2009

This hotel was pretty average in many respects but two bad things stuck out: 1) WiFi was expensive and the options weren't at all flexible. They only do 1hr for $8 (there were shorter times available) or 7 days for $75. What about a rate for people that are staying there a day or two? At that pri...

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Hotel review by KAREN, United States in 15 March 2009

the room was comfortable enough. The bathroom was small and dirty....

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Awesome place for families!

Hotel review by Marianne, United States in 11 December 2008

We were hoping that our stay at a hotel with its own water park would be a hit with our kids, and we were right! The rooms were good size, the breakfasts were great (and so were the optional dinners), but the water park on the hotel grounds was awesome! (It was SO cool that the lines for the slides ...

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my opinion

Hotel review by Jacqueline, Switzerland in 08 December 2008

in general we were satisfied for the money we paid. the breakfast was OK, but not excellent as plates were often not refilled and early in the morning already empty, the choices of bread were not, as written, only white bread already early in the morning, the service at breakfast was weak. For choco...

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"We enjoyed our stay at the hotel. The bathroom had some unpleasant odor...."
Paul, United States
11 September 2012
Mark, United States
22 November 2010

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